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Welcome to a new way of learning to play
The Music Lyceum is a music school located in Santa Monica, CA, changing the way we learn how to play music. Here you can learn piano, guitar and ukulele amongst other instruments, with the students benefiting from the unique teaching style and wealth of experience of tutor, Sean Campbell. Sean's innovative approach ensures that students are playing their favorite songs quicker on their chosen instrument: where the motto and method ensures 'less work, more play'.
The Music Lyceum philosophy For me, it's about unleashing dormant creativity. I don’t think it would be an exaggeration to say that it’s miraculous what I’ve accomplished with this new teaching method. I’ve probably taught around fifty kids, six years old and younger how to play the first section of Beethoven’s Fur Elise and the entire Bach Minuet in G. Note for note. It would probably take these kids years of music lessons to learn how to read at the level required to play these songs using traditional teaching methods. I use this method to teach children and adults with autism to play piano, and their parents tell me their kids don’t have to be told to practice. They are self motivated and they play the piano every day. It gives both the parents and students such great joy because in most aspects of their lives someone living with a disability is dependent upon the assistance of others, but when it comes to music, they are completely independent. I’ve had senior citizens, adults of all ages who have never played music, but have always wanted to, play the piano after taking lessons from me: within a few months they’re playing jazz standards using highly advanced techniques, such as spread voicings.
Less Work. More Play. The traditional method of teaching piano requires the student to not only learn how to play the piano but to also learn a new language, the language of music. Music is not an easy language to learn. In order to become good at reading music you must understand everything about the treble clef, bass clef, whole notes, half notes quarter notes, sixteenth notes, dotted eighth notes, sharps, flats, rests, key signatures and I could go on. The truth is that it’s a lot easier to learn how to play the piano than it is to learn how to read sheet music. And this is why there is so much creativity, talent and artistry that is currently lying dormant in people that never tried to play the piano because they were intimidated by a perceived requirement that one must know how to read music in order to play music. The same holds true for those who actually did take piano lessons but found no joy in learning the instrument because they could only play the songs that they were capable of reading and they were stuck playing at a level that was equal to their ability to read. So it's time to change those perceptions that people have of learning and playing music. The Music Lyceum method will bring out your creativity and joy... all with less work, and more play.
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